APERITIVOS (Appetizers)

Empanadas      1/$2.50      3/$6.75 Three stuffed pastry turnovers choice of: beef, chorizo or cheese and olive with tomato sauce

Cracked Olives    $6.75 Cracked marinated olives, caramelized onions and roasted peppers along with fresh bread

Chorizo con Pan     $7.75 Spicy chorizo sausage tossed with croutons


Ensalada de la Casa/House Salad    side$4.25    $7.75 Mixed Greens, tomatoes,olives, peppers, cucumbers & caramelized onions w/ house dressing

Caesar Salad   side$3.75   $6.75

with chicken $3, shrimp $6 or fresh fish $mkt.


Tostones     $3.75 Crispy fried green plantains

Maduros    $3.75 Fried ripe sweet plantains

Rice   cup$2   bowl$3

Beans  cup$3   bowl $5

Rice and Beans cup $3  bowl$5

Mofongo  $6                                                                                                                                        Soup of the day  cup$3  bowl $5